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This is the Best and most readable motivational story for you. Hope you learn and apply its lessons in your life. Let’s begin the story with us.

This is the story of a Paint Artist who was financially weak. He always thought that one day, his fate would be changed. As he was a famous painter who paints so wonderful portraits that came in newspaper, magazines. But the financial condition was still not good.

One day A millionaire woman came to his shop. She wanted that poor artist to draw her portrait that she would hang on the office wall. She said to the poor artist to make a wonderful portrait of her, in such a way, anyone who would see that portrait would say, “Wow”.
Within few hours Poor Artist drew a wonderful Portrait of her that was unpredictable, such a Beautiful Painting.

The million Lady was so impressed with his painting, and asked, Tell me the cost of this wonderful painting.
Now, Painter confused that what price should he say to the lady for his service. He thought to say 100 dollars, 500 dollars, or then 1000 dollars. Finally, he said to the lady, “You give me the price as you like to pay”,
The lady was so impressed and due to this, she gave her whole handbag to him. Painter thought that he didn’t take the right price for his painting. Then he said to the lady, ” I don’t want this bag, you only give me 1000Dollars that is enough for me”.
The lady took out his purse from the Handbag in which 1,00,000 dollars was there. She counted 100 dollars and gave it to Painter. 

Moral of the Story: You are thinking about the foolishness of Poor Painter, but he is not alone who did this. We also do the same mistake. We pray to god and wish for something according to our mindset which is limited, but God is limitless. So, pray to God for All that all remain Happy and Healthy in their life and All Other wishes leave on him.

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