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This is the story on the Value of Money. Let’s read the short moral story for kids with us.
A Rohan who loved a girl and got married to her. After some time, they were blessed with a baby boy.
As every parent wants, Rohan and his wife also wanted to fulfill each & every need and want of their child. His Baby name was Kunal. Kunal was the only child of his parents so he got all the attention from them. Rohan fulfilled every demand of his child Kunal and by the increasing age, Kunal’s demand also kept on increasing.

But even then Rohan fulfilled all. A time came where Rohan noticed that his son Kunal was not understanding the value of money. Kunal was wasting money continuously. Rohan said many times to Kunal to not waste money, even earn a single rupee is so hard but all his teaching went in vain.
Rohan decided to teach him a lesson.

Rohan said to Kunal to go outside and earn money after that you can live in the house. Rohan also said to his wife to not help his son. Kunal had to outside to earn money. Kunal thought earning money is so easy but all his myths were disappeared. He went outside and search for a job, as he was no skill then to find a job was so hard for him.

Finally, he got a job as a Labourer and after doing his job full day, he earned only 200 Rs that was less than his daily pocket money.
Then he went back home and gave his income to his father. The Father(Rohan) took the income and threw in a well. Kunal got angry & surprised but he didn’t say anything.

The next day, when Kunal again gave his daily income to his father then he again threw money in the well. Now, Kunal got so angry and shouted that he works a hard full day and then earned these rupees and you wasted it.

Rohan smiled and said, I also wanted to explain this to you my son. The Value of Money. Wasting Money is so Easy but earning is quite hard. Then Kunal realized his mistake and never waste money.

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