Every person wants to become successful in his/her life. And Parents also expect this thing from their kids. To Live the Best life with all your comfort as you want, you have to do something that helps you in your Path. As you know, every successful person has a habit of reading books and learning from them. I suggest that you should read well and learn well. So, must read Best moral Stories for Kids that will give you a lot of lessons in your daily life.

Let's begin the journey of Moral Stories for Kids:-


This is the best short story for kids. It will teach you how a belief can do impossible things possible [...]


Today we are sharing a moral story for Kids about a Poor Boy. Poor Boy whose name was Karan lived in a village [...]

कैसे एक भीख मांगने वाली लड़की, एक डॉ बनी

ये कहानी है एक छोटी सी लड़की की, जिसका नाम माया था। उसकी माँ की एक महामारी में मोत हो गयी, और वो [...]

SHOULD NOT HURT ANYONE! - Moral Stories for Kids in English

This is a heart-touching story for kids about a poor man. Poor Man did not have money to feed his family [...]

कब आऊँ- Short Moral Stories for Kids in Hindi

आकाश ने एक छोटी सी रंगीन की दुकान खोली और गॉव वाले के लिए कपड़े रंगना शुरू कर दिया। सभी गॉव वाले उसकी रंगाई की [...]

HUM KISI SE KM NAHI- Short Moral Stories for Kids

छोटी सी मछली जो रहती परेशान। कहती थी भगवान् से, क्यू नहीं बनाया मुझको भी ओर मछलियों जैसा विशाल। अपने छोटे होने से [...]

THE VALUE OF MONEY - Moral Stories for Kids in English

This is the story on the Value of Money. Let’s read the short moral story for kids with us. A Rohan who loved a girl and got married to her [...]

ये सब कुछ देख रहा है! - Moral Stories for Kids in Hindi

ये कहानी है एक साधु की जो अपने घर से भिक्षा मांगने के लिए निकले। थोड़े समय बाद बारिश होने लगी, साधु एक पेड़ के निचे जाकर खड़े हो गए। [...]