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If you get angry then definitely read this mythological story. This is a mythological story and I wish you will like it most. Let’s begin with us. This is the story of Sikandar the great.

In ancient times, when Sikandar fought from different countries and defeat them continuously then Sikandar came to India and make India’s king friend of that time. Continuously fighting with other countries, soldiers demanded to go back. Sikander wanted to take a wise man with him from India.

Someone told him about an old saint who was so popular for his wiseness. Sikandar went to the saint’s house. Saint was praying at that time, so Sikander waited until he got up from praying. When Saint came out after praying, Sikandar went nearer to him and said, “I want a wise man who comes with me.

So, you have to come with me to my palace”. Saint replied, “NO”. Sikander requested again to come with him. But Saint didn’t accept his proposal. Sikandar got angry, and take out his sword and put it on the neck of the saint. But still, Saint said, No, I don’t want to go with you. I want to tell you one thing that you are not a King, you are the slave of my slave.

Sikandar shocked after hearing this all as he heard that first time. Sikandar asked, “why are you saying this to me, you don’t know I won many countries and people called me Sikandar the Great. 

The Saint replied, “Anger is my slave and you are the slave of the anger. I have control over my anger which is my slave and you have no control of your anger, whether you won so many countries. If you say me politely then perhaps the situation would have changed.”
Then Sikandar left the saint’s house without saying a single word.

Moral of the Story: Perhaps, you are a Great man but if you haven’t control over your angry then greatness is not worthy. If you are right then why anger is necessary and if you are wrong then you have no right to anger.

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