moral short story for kids- kahani time

This is a heart-touching short story for kids about a poor man. Poor Man did not have money to feed his family. He went to the river for fishing and for a whole day, he caught a fish.

When he came back home, a strong man came near him and snatched the fish from his hands. Poor Man started crying before him and said, ” I have only this fish to feed my family”. Please return me. But Strong Man denied and didn’t give him fish back. Poor Man was weak and not able to fight with Strong Man.

When Strong Man was going to his home after snatching fish, the fish’s teeth hit his finger. After that, he felt pain in his finger and went to Dr for treatment. Dr. bandaged the finger. But his pain didn’t go. He again went to Dr. and Dr said, “We have to cut your finger because the poison has spread in your finger.” Strong Man had to get his finger cut from the Dr. After some days, he again got pain in his hand, he went to Dr. and Dr. bandaged his hand.

But the same case repeated, his pain didn’t go. He again went to Dr. and Dr said, “We have to cut your hand because the poison has spread in your hand.” Unfortunately, Dr. had to cut the strong man’s hand but even that, he didn’t get relief from pain, and at last, his arm is also cut to stop the spreading in his body.

Then someone asked him, “Did you hurt someone, maybe someone curses you.” Strong Man realized that he hurt the poor man, maybe this was the reason for his situation. 
He started to find the poor man and finally, he met him and apologized and asked him, “what did you say at that time when I snatched fish?” 

The Poor Man replied,” He only said to God, this strong man shows me his power and now you show him your power.

Moral of the Story– Don’t take the wrong benefit of your power, Help everyone and must not hurt anybody. Earn Blessings, not Curse.

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