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short motivational stories in english - kahani time

This is the Best and most readable motivational story for you. Hope you learn and apply its lessons in your life. Let’s begin the story with us.

This is the story of a Paint Artist who was financially weak. He always thought that one day, his fate would be changed. As he was a famous painter who paints so wonderful portraits that came in newspaper, magazines. But the financial condition was still not good.

One day A millionaire woman came to his shop. She wanted that poor artist to draw her portrait that she would hang on the office wall. She said to the poor artist to make a wonderful portrait of her, in such a way, anyone who would see that portrait would say, “Wow”.
Within few hours Poor Artist drew a wonderful Portrait of her that was unpredictable, such a Beautiful Painting.

The million Lady was so impressed with his painting, and asked, Tell me the cost of this wonderful painting.
Now, Painter confused that what price should he say to the lady for his service. He thought to say 100 dollars, 500 dollars, or then 1000 dollars. Finally, he said to the lady, “You give me the price as you like to pay”,
The lady was so impressed and due to this, she gave her whole handbag to him. Painter thought that he didn’t take the right price for his painting. Then he said to the lady, ” I don’t want this bag, you only give me 1000Dollars that is enough for me”.
The lady took out his purse from the Handbag in which 1,00,000 dollars was there. She counted 100 dollars and gave it to Painter. 

Moral of the Story: You are thinking about the foolishness of Poor Painter, but he is not alone who did this. We also do the same mistake. We pray to god and wish for something according to our mindset which is limited, but God is limitless. So, pray to God for All that all remain Happy and Healthy in their life and All Other wishes leave on him.

2- Short Motivational Stories in English- Never Giving Up

short motivational stories in english - kahani time

This is a Real Life Motivational Short Story especially for those who are doing a job.
Every Employee gives their 100% effort in their job to enhance performance and achieve a new level of achievement in the work environment. 

Pragati, an employee was one of them, who always worked so hard and gave her 100% in her job. As her superior was also impressed with her work and her promotion was sure in everyone’s mind by seeing her dedication for the job.

But at the time of promotion, she was not promoted and another employee was promoted. This was the saddest moment of her work life. She asked her superior and HR for that but got no response at all. After that, she felt sad and irritated in her work life. That affected her performance in the office and her personal life too.

She also realized this and thought to move on from this situation. Then she changed her and control herself and all the tension left out to God. She followed an ideology that God is our Parents so whatever he does is good and in this situation, maybe something is better for her. After that, she worked as it is and took interest in the work. 

After some time, she took a call from HR of another company and she got selected in which she got a higher designation and higher pay than the previous company. If she got a promotion then she didn’t get that higher position and higher pay that she is taking now.

Moral of the Story: I wish you like this story and maybe some people relate it from their life. So whenever you face any situation in which you thought it happened wrong with you then remember the thing, God is your parents and he does not do anything wrong with his children. It may be possible that you will realize it later and this happens.


short motivational stories in english - kahani time

Today, I’m sharing with you a motivational story that will motivate you in enhancing your Creativity. As you know, creativity is so important in today’s competitive life. So, lets’ start the journey of the story with me and see the power of Creativity.

A boy whose name is Rohan works in a company. He works so well in his office and everyone is happy with his work. One day Rohan saw a blind beggar outside his office. He noticed that people only seeing the blind person and nobody come forward to help by giving him some money. Then he saw a small whiteboard near-blind person and on it, a sentence had written.
Rohan went there and rubbed that sentence and wrote a new sentence on it. After that Rohan went to his office for work.
When he returned back home, he decided to see the condition of the beggar at that time. When he went near the blind beggar, the blind beggar identifies Rohan’s steps and asked Rohan what did you write on my whiteboard?
Blind Beggar told Rohan that people were reading the sentence that he wrote and helping him by giving him some money. So, the curiosity is this what did Rohan write that change the attitude of people.
Rohan told that Beggar that he rubbed the previous sentence (Preview sentence- I’m a blind person, plz help me) and wrote a new sentence on the whiteboard that is – Today is a Wonderful Day but I can’t see it.

Moral of the Story: This small change in the way to communicate helped that Beggar most. So, try to communicate with others in a way that can influence them and make others ready for your work.


short motivational stories in english - kahani time

Let us read a story that is of the time of the corona period, and I hope that this story will definitely teach you something. Let’s start!

This is the story of that time when the government imposed a lockdown in 2020 and people were trying to help some needy persons around them. One of the Middle-Class families Husband-Wife also thought to help others.

Husband made some packets of 1Kg flour and told to his wife that they would go for distributing these packets in the evening. The wife told her husband that they would go in the evening then nobody would see them while helping others. But her husband decided to go in the evening only.

In the evening, both went outside and distributed the packets, and came back home. The wife asked her husband that why did he distribute only 1Kg flour and not more than it? Because only this quantity is not enough to fulfill their requirement.

The husband replied to her wife that he hid Rs5000/- into the flour,  and he distributed only 1kg flour because he thought that if a person is so much needed something to survive that people came near him and take the flour either it is only 1kg flour or less than it. 

From this thinking, the Husband and his Wife helped those people who genuinely needed something to survive in the pandemic. The husband went in the evening because he did not want to show off and not wanted another person ashamed.
I hope you liked this story and I wish that you will also help needy persons without showing off.

5- Short Motivational Stories in English- A STORY OF TWO FRIENDS

short motivational stories in english - kahani time

This is a short motivational story of two best friends, one was 7years old – Raman and the other was 10years old- Saurabh.
One day, Raman and Saurabh were playing near the well with the ball. While playing, suddenly Saurabh falls down into the well and shouted as he didn’t know, how to swim.
Raman tried to find out someone who took out Saurabh from the well. But no one was there to took out Saurabh.
Then Raman used the rope and pulled out Saurabh with his full effort to take out from the well and he saved the life of his friend. After that, they went back to their home and all the incident told to their parents and villagers. 
But no one believed that a 7years old boy could take out 10years old boy from the well. But a wise man believed the incident then all other villagers asked the wise man that how can you believe in their incident.
The wise man replied this could be possible that these two boys are saying right. Yes, you all are right that it is quite impossible to happen. But this happened because when Saurabh was sinking then there was no one with Raman who told him that he could not take out his friend that is he was not able to take out a 10year old boy. At that time, the only thing in Raman’s mind was his friend is sinking and he should save him at any cost.

Moral of the Story: Sometimes, listening to people can limit our mindset to a certain bond. So, don’t think that you are incapable of doing some extraordinary. If you really want to do something, you can do it.

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