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Today, I’m sharing with you a motivational story that will motivate you in enhancing your Creativity. As you know, creativity is so important in today’s competitive life. So, lets’ start the journey of the story with me and see the power of Creativity.

A boy whose name is Rohan works in a company. He works so well in his office and everyone is happy with his work. One day Rohan saw a blind beggar outside his office. He noticed that people only seeing the blind person and nobody come forward to help by giving him some money. Then he saw a small whiteboard near-blind person and on it, a sentence had written.
Rohan went there and rubbed that sentence and wrote a new sentence on it. After that Rohan went to his office for work.
When he returned back home, he decided to see the condition of the beggar at that time. When he went near the blind beggar, the blind beggar identifies Rohan’s steps and asked Rohan what did you write on my whiteboard?
Blind Beggar told Rohan that people were reading the sentence that he wrote and helping him by giving him some money. So, the curiosity is this what did Rohan write that change the attitude of people.
Rohan told that Beggar that he rubbed the previous sentence (Preview sentence- I’m a blind person, plz help me) and wrote a new sentence on the whiteboard that is – Today is a Wonderful Day but I can’t see it.

Moral of the Story: This small change in the way to communicate helped that Beggar most. So, try to communicate with others in a way that can influence them and make others ready for your work.


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  1. I read it and it is so beautiful. I enjoyed reading it. Best place for reading consize stories.

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