motivational short story

This is a Real Life Motivational Short Story especially for those who are doing a job.
Every Employee gives their 100% effort in their job to enhance performance and achieve a new level of achievement in the work environment. 

Pragati, an employee was one of them, who always worked so hard and gave her 100% in her job. As her superior was also impressed with her work and her promotion was sure in everyone’s mind by seeing her dedication for the job.

But at the time of promotion, she was not promoted and another employee was promoted. This was the saddest moment of her work life. She asked her superior and HR for that but got no response at all. After that, she felt sad and irritated in her work life. That affected her performance in the office and her personal life too.

She also realized this and thought to move on from this situation. Then she changed her and control herself and all the tension left out to God. She followed an ideology that God is our Parents so whatever he does is good and in this situation, maybe something is better for her. After that, she worked as it is and took interest in the work. 

After some time, she took a call from HR of another company and she got selected in which she got a higher designation and higher pay than the previous company. If she got a promotion then she didn’t get that higher position and higher pay that she is taking now.

Moral of the Story: I wish you like this story and maybe some people relate it from their life. So whenever you face any situation in which you thought it happened wrong with you then remember the thing, God is your parents and he does not do anything wrong with his children. It may be possible that you will realize it later and this happens.


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