My Bravo Grandfather


My Bravo Grandfather…Now you are thinking why this story title is this. But after reading the full story, you will also say this title is Right.
This is the real story of Grandfather. One day, when he was coming back home after doing his job and holding a packet of ghee in his hands.

He met a person near a cemetery who said to him, ” There is a function in our house, Give me your packet of ghee in return for money.”
My Grandfather decided an amount with him for the packet of ghee. But when my grandfather was deciding the amount, he saw man’s legs were upside down.

As I already said my grandfather was a fearless man, he said to that man who was a ghost in reality, “The rupees you are giving me, must stay rupees, it must not be changed into stones. (Generally, there was a belief that when a ghost gives you money, it changed into stones after some time)
But in my grandfather’s case, The rupees stayed the same as they were. Then he came back home.

I damm sure, if I were there in place of my grandfather, I would faint after seeing legs.

This is the story of My brave Grandfather. There are some cases that happened like this one with my grandfather which is totally horrible. I’ll share all these in my upcoming stories. Stay Connected with Us and Read more interesting stories.

Note:- This is a horror story, read it on your responsibility.

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