story of successful person

This is the story of successful person in Basketball i.e Michael Jordan. I surely can say that you will about to learn a wonderful lesson from the Michael Jordan Childhood Story.

One day, his father called him and showed him a shirt and asked, “Do you know what is it cost”? Michael replied, “Maybe 1dollar. His father gave him that shirt and said, “Go and sell this shirt in 2Dollars. Michael replied positive and without any if, but he went outside to sell that shirt. He stood the whole day selling that shirt and at last in the evening, a man bought that shirt in 2dollars.
The next day, his father gave him another shirt and told him to sell that shirt for 20dollar.
That was complicated to sell a shirt for 1 dollar to 20 dollars.
But still, he didn’t deny his father. Michael uses his brilliant mind and attached his Mickey Mouse sticker to the shirt and went outside the school. When a child came out with his father, he insisted to buy that mickey mouse sticker shirt, Michael’s trick worked on and he sold that shirt for 20 dollars and also got 5dollars in the tip.
But still, his father was not satisfied with his work. One day, his father gave him another shirt, and now, the most complicated task was to sell that shirt for 200 dollars. But even then Michael didn’t say deny to his father. That attitude of never says, No was the best thing in him that made an impossible task to possible.
After that, Michael was thinking about how to sell that shirt for 200 dollars. Instantly he saw a holding in which a famous actress to his city was about to come for an inauguration. After few days, when the actress came to his city, he went to that place and stand in front of an actress from bitting the crowd and showed that he was the biggest fan of the actress. The actress was feeling happy to see her cute small fan and then she gave her autograph on the shirt. Then he started auction that autograph shirt at that place which was from 200 Dollars. That auction went to 2000 Dollars and finally, he sold it for 2000Dollars.
Such an Impossible task, he achieved in his childhood that never expected from anyone.

Moral of the Story: Don’t say No to any work until you give your 100% effort to it. You can everything in your life if you are genuinely ready to do it.

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