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This motivational story will about to give you a source to stay Happy in your life. Let’s begin the story with us.
One day, a lady of leisure came to the doctor and said, ” I don’t want to live. Tell me what should I do so that I stay happy in my life”.
The doctor looked woman and asked, what is your problem?
then Lady replied, I have everything but I have no reason to stay happy that’s why I don’t want to live.
The doctor smiled and called a sweeper and then Sweeper told about her life which everyone must listen.
She told that her husband died due to malaria and after 3months, her only son was no more due to a road accident. After that, she got depressed and couldn’t smile then.
One day, when it was raining she went to her house, a kitten also started walking with her. It was drenched in the rain. Lady took indoors and gave it some milk and lady saw that kitten was drinking milk as it was hungry for a long time.
This made a smile on her face after a long period of time. Then Lady got to know one thing that if she wants to stay happy then she must do something that makes other people happy.
The next day, she cooked food and gave it to her neighbor in which children were not healthy. 
From that day, she did something in her daily routine that made other people happy and she also feels the same by helping others.

Moral of the Story:- The Happiness that we feel by making others happy is an amazing feeling in the world. So, something in your daily routine that gives you this feeling again and again.

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