short motivational story, I am doing everything, kahani time

This is a story of a Little Girl whose name is Megha. His father gifted her a Parental Remote control car in which a user can sit in the car.
She was very excited after seeing that type of car. She sat into it and started and also managing the car’s steering.
She was roaming here and there and fully enjoyed it. Suddenly she saw a wall in front of her and she was about to hit the wall. She tried to stop the car but all her effort went in vain.
At Last, a moment came when the car was about to hit the wall, the car stopped.
Megha took a sigh of relief and asked her Mom about it then her mom replied that they were controlling her car by the remote by sitting behind and Megha was thinking that she controlled her car herself.

Moral of the Story- Sometimes, we think that we are controlling everything in our life but no, our life’s remote is in the hands of God who is controlling everything, not us. We are only a Mediator, so be happy. God will always do better for us.

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