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Let us read a story that is of the time of the corona period, and I hope that this story will definitely teach you something. Let’s start!

This is the story of that time when the government imposed a lockdown in 2020 and people were trying to help some needy persons around them. One of the Middle-Class families Husband-Wife also thought to help others.

Husband made some packets of 1Kg flour and told to his wife that they would go for distributing these packets in the evening. The wife told her husband that they would go in the evening then nobody would see them while helping others. But her husband decided to go in the evening only.

In the evening, both went outside and distributed the packets, and came back home. The wife asked her husband that why did he distribute only 1Kg flour and not more than it? Because only this quantity is not enough to fulfill their requirement.

The husband replied to her wife that he hid Rs5000/- into the flour,  and he distributed only 1kg flour because he thought that if a person is so much needed something to survive that people came near him and take the flour either it is only 1kg flour or less than it. 

From this thinking, the Husband and his Wife helped those people who genuinely needed something to survive in the pandemic. The husband went in the evening because he did not want to show off and not wanted another person ashamed.
I hope you liked this story and I wish that you will also help needy persons without showing off.


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