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Hello Friends, This is KahaniTime Platform where you can read a lot of moral stories. Let’s begin today’s motivational story.

This is the story of a Rich Man who was ground to earth and always thanked God in every situation. As in everybody’s life, the situation goes even or odd, the same case with the Rich Man but even then he always thanked god.

One day, he wanted to do boating and went for it but the worst situation created as a storm came into the ocean. With the pressure of wind, he reached a small island. He thanked God to save his life from the storm.

For survival, he searched Fruits and ate and it came in routine in his daily life because he was unable to go anywhere by himself but his trust in God remains the same as someone would come to save his life.

One day, he decided to make a temporary house of wood and leaves for his living on that island. It took a whole day and finally, his little temporary house got ready. 

But again a situation came into his life, that is thundering started in the sky and suddenly lightining fall on his house and his house started to burn.

Now, Rich Man started complaining to God that why this all happening with me, You are not supported, You are doing wrong with me, and so on..

While he was complaining, he listened to the voice of two people who were standing behind him and called him. They said, “we saw someone burns his house for indicating us that he was there and called us”.

So, we came here to save you. Rich man started crying and said sorry to God for complaining and Thanked God for supporting him in every situation.

Moral of the Story:- As we all know, We are children of God and God is our Mother and Father. He never does wrong with his children. Yes, sometimes situation creates in which we think that this is going wrong with me, god is not doing good. But after some time, we get to know, the situation created with us was good but we weren’t able to see at that time and complaining to God. So always say thank you to God, God always does good for his children.

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