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Kahaniya Jo Apko Ek Khubsurat Aesas Karwati Hai, Kahaniya Jo Apko Bhut Kuch Sikhati Hai, Kahaniya Jo Apko Hasate Hoe Jeevan Jeene Ka Salikha Btati Hai, Aeye Chalte Hai..KAHANITIME Ke Is Kahaniyon Ke Shahr Me!

Kahani Time
kahani time


A Platform where a large variety of stories is available online & free of cost. Our Stories Collection includes Moral Stories, Motivational Stories, Bedtime stories for kids, Inspirational stories, Akbar Birbal Stories, Mythological Stories, & Horror Stories.

Kahani Time started by a Person who is Story Lover, Passionate about listening & telling stories i.e Vansh Dhingra. That’s why He created this website to share the most valuable stories that can change your life. So, we recommend you to read these stories at least once in your life and give your life a new path of success full of positivity.

Stories play an important role in everyone’s life. A Story has the power to change a person’s life and teaches many lessons of everyday life in a unique way. 
If you want to learn new things and feel bored in reading books then Kahani Time is the Best Option for you. Here, you get a lot of stories in which you learn my lessons from different categories of stories. 
On this website, you can read the various types of stories like motivational stories, kids stories, Akbar Birbal stories, mythological stories, & Horror stories. 

Our aim is to provide the Best Moral stories that help you to live your life smoothly. Life is a combination of Happiness and sadness sometimes we feel so happy and sometimes we feel so sad. But don’t worry we are here for you in every situation. This website teaches you how to stand and fight with the different critical situations and fill your life with Happiness and Joy.