short motivational story in english

This is a short motivational story of two best friends, one was 7years old – Raman and the other was 10years old- Saurabh.
One day, Raman and Saurabh were playing near the well with the ball. While playing, suddenly Saurabh falls down into the well and shouted as he didn’t know, how to swim.
Raman tried to find out someone who took out Saurabh from the well. But no one was there to took out Saurabh.
Then Raman used the rope and pulled out Saurabh with his full effort to take out from the well and he saved the life of his friend. After that, they went back to their home and all the incident told to their parents and villagers. 
But no one believed that a 7years old boy could take out 10years old boy from the well. But a wise man believed the incident then all other villagers asked the wise man that how can you believe in their incident.
The wise man replied this could be possible that these two boys are saying right. Yes, you all are right that it is quite impossible to happen. But this happened because when Saurabh was sinking then there was no one with Raman who told him that he could not take out his friend that is he was not able to take out a 10year old boy. At that time, the only thing in Raman’s mind was his friend is sinking and he should save him at any cost.

Moral of the Story: Sometimes, listening to people can limit our mindset to a certain bond. So, don’t think that you are incapable of doing some extraordinary. If you really want to do something, you can do it.

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